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Custom Made Night Guards 20% Off

January - February 2018

How Can Custom Teeth Night Guards Reduce Your Bruxism Symptoms?

If you experience teeth grinding and clenching, you are not alone. It is estimated that 8% of the population suffers from sleep bruxism and the related symptoms of facial pain, insomnia, and tooth damage. Because bruxism is caused by stress, it can be very difficult to cure, and you may find yourself looking for a way to treat your symptoms rather than a full cure. To protect your teeth and reduce symptoms, most dentists suggest a custom night mouth guard.

Wearing a custom dental night guard provides a tough protective layer between you teeth which prevents destruction of your irreplaceable tooth enamel while also cushioning your jaws to ease daily facial muscle pain. Custom mouth guards may also be the first step towards less frequent and less intense episodes of teeth grinding and clenching, while also helping to correct tooth alignment.

Come schedule a visit at our office for a consult and we can order your custom made night guard at 20% off.

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